Starlit Entrance | Personalised Projection | Fairylit Backdrops | Dry Ice

Starlit Entrance

Starlit EntranceAdd that extra sparkle to make your first entrance as a married couple be one to remember for a lifetime with our Sparklelit Entrance.

Personalised Projection

Personalised ProjectionYou can choose to have a personalised projection which make the occassion or event truely special. The Personalised Projection is especially effective for weddings where the names of the Bride and Groom are projected onto the walls of the venue and corporate events, where the company logo would be prominently displayed.

Fairylit backdrops

A Fairylit or Sparkle backdrop behind your main wedding table can ensure that all the photos of you at your event have a professional feel to them. Our Professional Wedding DJ Backdrops can be custom fit for any venue and size of table. Our Backdrops can also be lit using bright lights that will add an extra touch of magnificence to your chosen venue.

Dry ice - Dancing the the Clouds effect for Weddings

Tom Laurens first dance - dancing in the cloudsAfter you've decided whether to go for the Sparklelit Dance Floor or the Chequered Dance Floor you can make it truely magical with our dry ice machine. Not only will you be floating on air but you'll be dancing in the clouds.


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