The pre-wedding workout: ‘I have never felt such pressure’

The pre-wedding workout: ‘I have never felt such pressure’

Once you dip your toe into “bride world” you are bombarded with messages that tell you that you’re not good enough. “There’s always room for bridey improvement,” scream the glossy peach-coloured pinterest pages. Have you thought about teeth whitening? It makes a big difference for the photos. You’ll want flat abs on your honeymoon, of course. If you eat 12 almonds a day for the next two months your hair might just be glossy enough. What? You haven’t been getting regular facials?!

As women we’re used to the media’s attempts to mould us all into Victoria’s Secret bots. In fact most of us hardly notice it anymore, such is the messaging’s omnipresence. But “bride world” is where this VS messaging goes into hyper-drive.

Louise McSharry recently wrote a piece about why she chose not to lose weight for her wedding day. She said that she found women being urged to shrink down for the big day “sinister and unnecessary”. I couldn’t agree more.

Never before have I felt pressure like this, based entirely on my appearance. In other areas of the media it feels like the fight against the objectification of women is making some progress, but not in bride world.

There are whole industries focused on “shedding for the wedding” and how to be a “ride bride”. They are just other not so veiled (pardon the pun) ways in which women are controlled and encouraged to compete with one another.

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