Dublin DJ Top Dance Songs

Dublin DJ Top Dance Songs

Dublin DJ Songs

Here are some of our favorite songs so far this year :


First up, I've chosen Philip Georges fantastic song "Wish you were here".

This track takes us back to some of the 90's dance classics. Have a listen for yourself


Next up is another great dance track with a 90's feel which is a hit at Dublin and Bray parties.

Blonde - I loved you

Although this next track was a big hit towards the end of 2014, it has stayed a big hitter and remained as the main floor filler so far this year. It is the fantastic Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars with Uptown Funk

So what's next.......

Here's one we like the feel of for a summer holiday hit...

It's Alex Adair with Make me feel better

So what next from your number one Dublin DJ??

Well, I've decided that not only will i share the big hits of this year but I'll also share some of the  classic songs that work fantastically. here's a few videos from DJ party nights in a number of venues in Dublin and Bray.

All of which were good nights and full of happy clients. Have a look and remember, call Dave on 087 252 0329 to book or for more info.


And of course how could we forget, still going strong in all it's glory......much later in the night

For you Dublin DJ you can book by calling on 087 252 0329